Learning to Stress Less


A set of 4 DIY therapy cards that teach stress management strategies.


A set of 4 DIY therapy cards that teach stress management techniques.

These cards are designed to teach you:

  • How to tune in to your thoughts and feelings.
  • How to identify and manage emotional triggers.
  • How to set realistic expectations.
  • How to manage perfectionistic ideas and the disappointment associated with these ideas.
  • How to reframe the negative messages you tell yourself and replace them with positive self-talk.

The front of the card uses fun pop art to describe one theme related to stress management.

The back of the card gives you step-by-step instructions about how to apply the theme to your day-to-day experiences.

By following these psychological themes, you will learn how to address and manage the stress in your life so it no longer controls you. You will also learn how to reframe your thoughts when faced with disappointment and how to speak to yourself in a kinder, more positive way.

Card Topics:

  • I Have to Slow Down
  • I Can’t do 100% of the Things 100% of the Time
  • Nothing is Perfect
  • Silencing My Inner Critic Once and For All


**Card size: 4X6. Printed on 12-point cardstock paper. Mailed in an eco-friendly clear resealable bag made of PLA (plant-based) compostable material.**


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