Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


A set of 4 DIY therapy cards that teach you how to overcome imposter syndrome.


A set of 4 DIY pop art therapy cards that teaches how to overcome imposter syndrome. 

Samantha created these therapeutic cards to help individuals who struggle with imposter syndrome. The themes on the cards are based on her many years of clinical training and experience.

These cards will teach you:

  • How to internalize your capabilities and competencies.
  • How to feel more secure in yourself.
  • How to feel like your successes are your own.
  • How to value your accomplishments.
  • How to accept your mistakes without feeling like a failure.

The front of each card uses fun pop art to describe a psychological theme related to overcoming imposter syndrome. It can be used as a visual aid to remind you to focus on these concepts.

The back of each card offers a step-by-step guide on how to apply the theme to your daily life.  

With practice, you will learn how to internalize these key ideas so that the thoughts and beliefs become your own. 

This learning process will allow you to feel more secure in yourself and take ownership of your successes, both of which will help you feel less like an imposter. 

Card topics:

  • I am Worthy
  • I am the Reason for my Success
  • Celebrate Small Wins
  • There’s No Such Thing as Perfect 


**Card size: 4X6. Printed on 12-point cardstock paper. Mailed in an eco-friendly clear resealable bag made of PLA (plant-based) compostable material.**


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