Building Self-Confidence


A set of 4 DIY therapy cards that teach you how to build self-confidence.


A set of 4 DIY therapy cards that explain how to build self-confidence.

The goal of these cards is to teach you how to build your self-confidence from the inside out so that you no longer have to rely on external validation to feel good about yourself.

These cards will teach you:

  • How to value your own needs.
  • How to prioritize yourself.
  • How to make decisions with confidence.
  • How to accept yourself and your imperfections.
  • How to set boundaries and say No in a way that feels good.

The front of each card describes a specific theme related to building self-confidence.

The back of the card outlines a step-by-step guide on how to internalize the theme and make it part of your own belief system so that you can feel more confident in yourself.

Card Topics:

  • Taking Care of Me
  • The Power of the Pause
  • I Am Good Enough
  • I Can Say No and Feel Good About it


**Card size: 4X6. Printed on 12-point cardstock paper. Mailed in an eco-friendly clear resealable bag made of PLA (plant-based) compostable material.**


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